UW Soccer


The girls soccer team at Adams-Friendship HS watched a match between the UW Badgers and Nebraska State. The coaches hosted the girls and gave them a tour of the athletic facilities and met the UW student-athletes.

"Thank you for providing us with such an incredible and eye-opening experience.

I was very impressed by the facility and program that we toured, and the guide was gracious in his time, even though we were a small team with minuscule prospects of playing at such a high D1 level. The tour allowed us to meet some of the players, and tour the nutrition center and work out facilities. Afterwards, we watched the game against Nebraska state (which the girls won!). The game itself held such a learning opportunity in ball control and placement of the players on the field. I wish that I could watch one of these games every Friday night, because I learned so much just from mindfully watching one game, that I feel I could improve so much from just being able to physically being at the games and watching them live."

/Adams-Friendship High Student/