IFLY - Boys & Girls Club of Lake County

“I never in my life thought I would go indoor skydiving. ~ Asia B.

The IFLY experience was a great one. The IFLY facility is located in Rosemont, IL, a place where many of the teens had never been. IFLY is an indoor skydiving company that teaches customers how to skydive. They developed so many different life tools from being a part of this. Perseverance, how to face a fears, and the importance of following directions were all very present during this adventure. Teens learned how to persevere because they literally had to combat the wind in the tunnel. They faced their fears because many of them were anxious, but they knew how great of an opportunity it was to be. Teens learned why following directions was important because they would only fly in the tunnel at their best if they utilized he direction that the instructor gave them. The teens learned that you can make something you love into a career. They spoke to how they never knew being a skydiving instructor could be a career.

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